The Ideal Relationship Triangle

What I see time & time again when I work with couples is that we really have challenges in knowing “What is a good relationship”? Most people grow up without a great model of love – we look to movies, sitcoms, and our families to educate ourselves on how to behave in relationship, and we find that we are missing the tools we need for success.

Let’s look at the structure of what makes a great relationship, in modeling really great relationships we see that they all have these three components, what we call The Ideal Relationship Triangle.

The three elements are that each couple is Best Friends, they are Creators , and they are Lovers. Each of these components is described in more detail below, and contains resources for you to begin to grow your relationship in each of these key areas.

The most important thing in your Ideal Relationship, first and foremost, is that you are Best Friends. A couple who are best friends will make sure that they do whatever it takes to make each other happy. Best friends share everything, they have a deep trust & respect for each other. And most importantly – best friends have fun! They laugh, play, and are creative together. They enjoy each others company, they learn new things.

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The next component of your Ideal Relationship is becoming Creators. This is the whole purpose of your relationship, to come together and create & nurture something together that is outside of the two of you. Many couples express this by raising children, building a business, or having pets. Creators can be found together in many facets of life – perhaps for you it is a home renovation, a vegetable garden, or a charitable organisation. Maybe you are planning a holiday, a competitive event, or an artistic project. Whatever it is for you, this element provides the inspiration and future for your relationship.

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The final element to the Ideal Relationship is that you are Lovers. A happy couple still kiss, hold hands, and have a strong chemistry. This can only be ignited when there is the trust & intimacy that are created when you are Best Friends and Creators. Then you can take your relationship to a new level, there is adventure and excitement which can only happen when you are really communicating.

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