I was stuck in which way to go with my relationship and what would be the best thing for me to do going forward. I was hoping Tara would provide the answer and make the decision for me!

After my sessions with Tara I developed an better understanding of what I would want in a relationship and more importantly what I could do and what my options where. Tara enabled me to see how I could build my own confidence up and the things I could change to make me a better partner.

As a result of working with Tara, I feel I have more choices then the two I initially thought I had in regards to my relationship. I also found a way to move forward and know there is more than one answer !

I would recommend Tara to anyone who wants to improved their relationships (with themselves or other), or wants to see what different paths are available to you. Tara will  hold you accountable for being who you need to be yet will be there to guide you  and wipe your tears. Relationships need work with Tara by your side you have someone you can rely on provide a guiding light.

Julie N, Melbourne