The connection & intimacy that is generated through thoughtful acts of romance provides an endless supply of delight in each other. Check out these ideas to bring the romance back to your relationship.

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Date Night is the most important time for you to spend with your partner. A weekly date night creates a space where you both prioritise each other above all other commitments. This is a time for you to connect and have FUN! Couples who laugh, play, and grow together are happy fulfilled long term lovers.

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Understanding how to speak your partners love language may be the single greatest agent of change in your relationship. So often I see couples who spend all their time and energy showing their partner how much they love them, only to discover that their actions or words are not appreciated, or understood.
Check out these resources to learn the language, and get some great ideas on ways to ‘speak’ it!

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I am often asked to recommend books, podcasts, videos & toys – here is a collection of some of the best.
This library is continually updated with reviews and recommendations of new insights & research in love, sex, and relationships.

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A collection of great clips from Youtube, some tutorials from me, and some tasteful suggestions for DVDs.
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Audio books, podcasts & MP3s to educate & inspire you.
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Books, articles, blogs & websites to educate & inspire you.
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Games, toys, lingerie and other beautiful gifts to enhance your love life.
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