Date Night is perhaps the most important time for you to spend consistently with your partner. A weekly date night creates a space where you both prioritise your relationship above all other commitments.
This is a time for you to connect, it is not about romance, it is about FUN! Couples who laugh, play, and grow together become happy fulfilled long term lovers.
Check out this page for Date Night ideas!
I recommend that you begin by introducing one new element each week as you are ready. Each of these strategies has the power in and of itself to change the whole climate of your relationship!
You can also check out Best Friends | Romance | Love Languages for more ideas, insights & information.

Week One: A Romantic Picnic

Pack a picnic basket with delicious food – cheese & crackers, fruit, chocolate and wine or champagne & drive to a scenic lookout to surprise your partner with a picnic.
You could pack an early morning breakfast hamper (don’t forget coffee!) and watch the sunrise, or head out at sunset for a visual feast.
Make sure that you vary the location, you could try the beach, the lake, a local park. You could go to a National Park or Nature Reserve. Check out local attractions and sites for a great picnic on your regional tourism website, or pop into a tourist information centre to find some new hidden gems to romance you partner.
Pro Tip: Bring a blanket to snuggle under!

Week Two: Bowling

“For $7:50, you get two games, shoe-hire, hot dog, fries, and a coke!”
Those were the days. These days the price tag is a little higher, but the fun factor is still huge! Bowling is a great date because it has all the ingredients for fun- laughter, play, and growth.
If you love playing as a team,  consider league bowling, or join a “Shadow League”. Many clubs will allow you to bowl as a team and simply register your scores , ie you don’t need to bowl on a particular night.
Newcastle locals can check out Strike in Charlestown which  has a cocktail bar, restaurant, laser tag & karaoke. For retro rockers, Mayfield SuperStrike has late night unlimited games, a licensed bar, and a shadow league.

Week Three: Learn To Cook

There is something beautiful about preparing food with your lover.
The sensory experience of creating art on the plate, combined with the aroma and the kinaesthetic pleasure of slicing, dicing, sauteing & tasting, is a sure fire way to deepen your connection.
Choose a cuisine and attend a class together, or a series of classes.
Newcastle and the Hunter Valley are spoilt for choice with Jace @ The Essential Ingredient always bringing new insights, you could check out WEA Hunter for Indian, Cake Decorating, Italian (and more) or head to the vineyards and learn to make cheese, taste wine, make mouthwatering Thai, Vietnamese, pasta, sushi….
For added points book a nights accommodation & make a weekend of it!

Week Four: Movie Night

Create an experience by planning a movie night extravaganza!
Select a movie (or a series) that you know your partner will love, it could be a favourite of theirs, or one they have expressed a desire to see. If you don’t know, ASK!
Prepare a care package for the night – choose a gift box that reflects your partner, perhaps they are practical and would love a basket they can reuse, or maybe an ecowarrior would love to see you recycle a vegie box from the local grocer. Perhaps a classy box from the Newsagent or gift store.
Pack it with popcorn, M&Ms, DVDs, and other tasty delicacies you know they love. Add beer, wine or champagne and a blanket to snuggle under. Enjoy.

Week Five: Bubbles & Oysters

For a touch of class and great atmosphere, book a beautiful lunch at Peterson House in picturesque Pokolbin, Hunter Valley.
Partake in cheese or oysters while you watch the scenery, or perhaps indulge in a champagne breakfast in the restaurant before visiting the cellar door and selecting a bottle for later.
Don’t forget to stop in at the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company before you leave for some wicked treats.

Week Six: Hire a bike

Pack a picnic basket with delicious food – cheese & crackers, fruit, chocolate and wine or champagne & drive to a scenic lookout to surprise your partner with a picnic.
You could pack an early morning breakfast hamper (don’t forget coffee!) and watch the sunrise, or head out at sunset for a visual feast.
Make sure that you vary the location, you could try the beach, the lake, a local park. You could go to a National Park or Nature Reserve. Check out local attractions and sites for a great picnic on your regional tourism website, or pop into a tourist information centre to find some new hidden gems to romance you partner.
Pro Tip: Bring a blanket to snuggle under!

Week Seven: Wine & Pizza

You may already have had a delicious meal in the restaurant, or a fancy cocktail in the bar of the Merewether surf house. You may not, yet, have realised that downstairs is a vibrant happening pizza café!
A regular destination for those in the know, the pizzeria and gelato shop serves mouthwatering slices & icy scoops. Pull up a chair and watch the waves with a cold glass of wine while you soak up the atmosphere. The warmer months demand a taste of gelato to be shared as you wander along the beach front.
If you prefer quiet romance, order your pizza take away and stroll up the beach a little further from the crowd. Don’t forget to sneak a salty kiss!

Week Eight: Learn a language

Caught a touch of wanderlust? Dreaming of your next trip to the stylish cosmopolitan cities of Paris or Milan? Or the laid back beaches of Bali?
Wherever you plan to visit, it is a wonderful thing to share a new language with your lover. Learning new things together is a fundamental aspect of growing together as a couple. There are some pretty amazing language courses available these days.
If time & money allows you could book yourself into a 6-12 week course where you can practice your skills under the expert guidance of a native speaker.
If you’re not quite there, you can sign-up online to a free course, download the Duolingo app, or use Spotify language playlists.

Week Nine: Segue to fun

There is a really big barrier for many couples to truly connecting, and it is entirely in our heads.
I often work with couples whose date nights are limited to dinner & movies because they think that’s “normal”.
They think that being an adult means not playing anymore.
I’m here to tell you that FUN is the new normal! Segway is a simple activity that incorporates all of the elements of the perfect date – learning, being physical, exploring a new place, and bringing a sense of playfulness.
Check out Hunter Valley tours here, or head on a tour of the Penang Gardens in Kariong.

Week Ten: Comedy night

One of the very best things you can do for your health, your happiness, and your relationship, is laugh. Laugh a lot. Laugh as often as you can, in a deep, belly shaking, cry making kind of a way.
Book a comedy show that you would both enjoy (man, this is important because there is nothing worse than hating a show when your partner is killing themselves laughing!). Make a night of it, have a light dinner and a few drinks before heading into the show. You could check out the Melbourne Comedy Festival road show, a local stand-up, or check out the local theatre for a visiting show. Wherever you choose, bring lightness & playfulness before the show starts. Your date begins the minute you see each other, until you both close your eyes. Find the funny!

Week Eleven: Dessert first

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”
Ernestine Ulme

Book a date with your lover to go for a decadent date, dessert only.
Coco Monde in Darby St is pretty great and do a lovely breakfast (plus great coffee) or you could stop in at your favourite café to explore their dessert menu.
You might like to head to Doughheads in the mall for an extraordinary doughnut experience, or check out the dessert bar, Sabor in the Hunter Valley where you can choose from over 50 desserts, or share a tasting plate. All paired with the perfect wine.

Week Twelve: Firefly Magic

A magical experience. Fireflies come out at dusk and light up the night in the rainforest of the Forest of Tranquility, Ourimbah. Book your evening with the folks at the forest, and take a stroll through the trees before the firefly show as the day begins to fade to night.
Bring your own picnic dinner to enjoy as the sun goes down, and a torch to navigate the path through the trees. For an extra kick you can book a Friday or a Saturday night when there is live music so you can get into the rhythm of the forest before the firefly show.
Please be sure to book online and read the notes to make sure you are able to take the tour.

Week Thirteen: A Massage

A date can be time spent together simply relaxing, and enjoying each other’s company.
Book a massage for you both at a day spa or your local masseuse and simply lay back and enjoy the pampering. This is so good for your body and your health, releasing the stress that you store in your body and replacing it with some serious feel good chemistry.
Make sure you have some relaxing plans to follow, maybe a trip to the beach or a nice leisurely lunch to enjoy the afterglow.

Week Fourteen: Art Class

Take an art class together. Try an outdoor landscape painting, photography or life drawing class.
For a hands-on experience you could try a pottery or sculpting class, maybe try your hand at wood carving, or for an even better date night check out this social art class – paint & play in the company of others!
When you stimulate your creativity and enjoy the process of learning together you are creating millions of new neural pathways and reinforcing the joy that you experience in each other’s company.

Week Fifteen: Scotties Café

An iconic Newcastle landmark – Scotties Café serve fresh local fish, hand cut chips & mouthwatering burgers. The restaurant serves beautiful seafood dinners, or you can borrow a blanket and sit on the grass under the coloured lights.
For a killer summer date, take a walk up the bathers way from Nobby’s to work up an appetite, then hit Scotties and take your feast back to the beach where you can watch the waves as the sun goes down.
This is coastal living at its best – summer loving!

Week Sixteen: Skinny Dip

One of the sexiest things about summer is the caress of flowing water on naked skin.
Take advantage of the balmy evenings to find yourselves a nice private swimming hole where you can indulge in some sweet & saucy connection with your partner. There is an incredible freedom for you both when you shed your clothes and get playful in the waves!
For the shy amongst us, please make sure that you too share this experience by booking a holiday with a private pool, or head out camping somewhere remote.

Week Seventeen: Music & Dinner

For a new layer of ambience to your date night, choose a venue that has live music while you share your meal.
You could head out to a pub for some blues or rock ’n’ roll, find a wine bar with a slinky jazz or acoustic act, or go all out and head to a restaurant for a full dinner show.
Newcastle locals could try venues like The Wicko & The Lass for rock, blues, roots and a pub meal; head to Bar Petite for a lounge bar experience, or for a special occasion head to Lizotte’s and enjoy an evening of fine dining and a show.
I already have my eye on the Jazz & Chili Crab night for January.

Week Eighteen: Tandem Bicycle

There are few activities that provide a better metaphor for your relationship than a tandem bicycle!
Do you ride together with joy & laughter despite the wobbles? Do you lose your temper and blame your partner when you are both out of synch? Do you rejoice in the opportunity to learn something new & have fun together? Do you flat out refuse to play or have a go at something like riding a tandem bike?
I love the way that playing together creates pockets of happiness and provides us with a new context to learn skills for loving. “Daisy, Daisy….”

Week Nineteen: Disco Dtour

Now THIS is a killer date idea! Head down to Sydney town for the weekend and book yourselves into a Disco Dtour – see the city’s most historic area The Rocks with postcard views of the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
Share the same magical music bubble as your lover as you bust moves throughout the city with your musical guide. The Disco Dtour guides will provide you with headphones and a shared playlist, plus a dance leader to take you through your best moves. Fun guaranteed.

Week Twenty: Get Hatted

A delicious and seductive occasion calls for an exclusive restaurant with a breath-taking view.
Book a meal at a hatted restaurant, or an expensive fine-dining restaurant. This is a date to be remembered. Take time to get ready separately (even if you live together) and dress to the nines for your night out. Every last detail is important – drop into Jimmy Figg’s for a cut throat shave and send her to the hairdresser for a sophisticated style.
Think old world glamour & charm. Bring witty sparkling conversation. Focus on the experience, eat the food slowly and savour every morsel. Don’t eat too much- the evening doesn’t end at the door of the restaurant, you may want to get some sugar later.

Week Twenty-one: Make Cheese

The love of my life is versatile, punchy, and has so much personality. Can be taken anywhere, and is flexible to suit every occasion. I love you, cheese.
Share this love with your partner and head to a cheese making class at The Essential Ingredient. You will learn to make some delicious Italian cheeses and finish by enjoying a glass of wine while you sample your handiwork. You will also receive a Mad Millie Italian kit to take home. A divine way to spend a day together!
For a less hands-on experience you can head to the Hunter Valley Cheese Factory where you can view a tutorial as they make the cheese in house, wander the Wall Of Cheese, or book a Private Cheese Appreciation Tasting.

Week Twenty-two: Bucket List

Plan a romantic night at home, with wine, nibblies, candles and music that energises and inspires.
Preparations: Head down to your local dollar shop and buy some colourful paper and textas, pencils, paint. Make it bright! Go to ibucket list and write a list of the 16 categories for your bucket list.
Start the evening with your wine and nibblies and talk about the crazy dreams you have for your life. Think about places you want to visit or live, activities you want to try, skills you want to learn. Is there a challenge you want to overcome? Someone you want to meet? A food you would like to taste? Brainstorm your own bucket lists then share them with each other. Take turns reading one item each and explaining why you want to tick that box and what it will mean for you. Then go chase your dreams!

Week Twenty-three: Doggie Love

Is there anything more joyful than a happy smiling dog?
Yes – a happy smiling couple! Make your next date an active one and take the dog in your life for an adventure. Plan to go somewhere that the three of you can run, jump, swim and play. Bring some dog treats, some plastic bags, and your best happy face.
For those of you who are not dog owners, head down to your local pound or RSPCA and ask to take some of their delightful pooches out for an hour or two. You can contribute your time and love, while bonding with your partner – it’s a win-win.

Week Twenty-four: Get Dirty

Research shows that exposure to friendly bacteria found in soil triggers the release of serotonin in your brain and increases your happiness while boosting your immune system.
Plan a date with your lover that involves, literally, getting dirty. You could create a veggie patch, plant some flowers, or pot a new lime for next summer’s coronas.
If you are renting or otherwise disinclined to maintain a garden – head down to your local community space where you get the same benefits plus meet bonus new friends.
Meanwhile all that extra serotonin being released is reinforcing the bonds between the two of you.
Now THAT is worth getting dirty.

Week Twenty-five: Rock Star

Unleash your inner rock star and book a date for karaoke with your lover.
Time to let go of your inhibitions and get strutting! Head down to your local, book a karaoke booth with some friends, or for those who are perhaps a little shy – bust out the sing star and guitar hero.
There is only one rule – you MUST make music. Make sound. It might be with your mouth, maybe it’s a tambourine or maraccas, or perhaps you have an instrument you love. Make beautiful music together, laugh, play, sing. Then, ‘make beautiful music together’ *winks*

Week Twenty-six: Find Wobbles

Some of the most fulfilling moments in love are those when you learn how to move through uncertainty together. For this date, your guidelines are to find an activity where you are both literally “off balance”.
You could try a trapeze or tightrope class, hire a unicycle, or try treetop adventure playground.
Notice the way that you react when you are off balance. Do you laugh and play? Do you get cranky? Are you bringing love & patience?
This date is about enjoying the wobbles, and becoming playful with your lover. It’s even better if you fall – You can always kiss it better later.

Week Twenty-seven: Breakfast Date

It’s nice to mix up your dates a little and incorporate them into your regular days.
This week, schedule a date with your partner before you both start work.
Get ready to leave for the day as per usual, but move it forward an hour or two to allow time for you to share a meal in the morning.
It is a beautiful way to get connected, and it brings a lovely sense of team work to your day.
You could make plans for a trip away together, brainstorm ideas for new projects you would like to do, or talk about a creative venture you would like to make.
This is a time for you to head into dreamspace together and start your day with a sparkle.