Do you find yourself wondering “Is this all there is?”

You’re in the right place!

In the early stages of a relationship couples spend a lot of time enjoying their similarities-activities they enjoy, topics on which they agree, and dreams they both share. Those commonalities form the framework for your relationship, and are the trigger for your initial connection.
As a relationship matures, differences arise and many couples experience disappointment, anger, and believe that the differences are indications of incompatibility or that they’re signals of impending doom- This couldn’t be further from the truth! Your differences are the source of your chemistry and the spark in your relationship.
The greatest asset you have as a couple is to be able to identify and leverage your individual strengths and to bridge the gaps in your areas of weakness so that you become a better as a team than you could possibly be alone.


What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching combines education & strategy to help client(s) to create their desired relationship. Coaching will enable clients to become clear about their ideal outcome both individually and as a couple.
While past history may be addressed, the focus is on moving into the future with the skills & resources you need to stop repeating old patterns and create a relationship that both nurtures and supports growth.

How Does it Work?

Each coaching program combines insights, education and personal development for the client(s)-

  • Instant insights into why you are experiencing your current obstacles, challenges or problems,
  • Release past hurts and old patterns of behaviour through coaching and guidance,
  • Learn strategies for what to do daily and in the heat of the moment to create your ideal relationship,
  • Understand how to be truly successful in love.

How long is a program?

Each program is designed to be delivered over three months, or taken over a  shorter period for rapid transformation.
Many of my clients find this pacing to be helpful as it provides a framework for you to create change as a couple, while still having ongoing coaching & support.

Can we do all three modules?

The programs are complementary and designed to be delivered consecutively, that is, The Communication Keys is the foundation piece, and from there we will decide together whether you would like to continue with Becoming Creators, or Igniting Passion depending on your relationship needs.
You must have completed The Communication Keys before looking at the other programs, this is  because the education pieces that are covered in the first module provide the basics for each progressive module.

Where are You Located?

I see clients face-to-face from my office in Toronto in the beautiful Lake Macquarie region.
I also have  clients throughout Newcastle & the Hunter Region and offer sessions via Skype and by telephone.

How do we start?



It is really important to me that you get great results and that we are both clear on the outcomes you desire – get in touch for a free telephone consultation to get a sense of how the program feels.
That usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes depending on how many questions you have. You can book a time that suits you, directly below.


The first step for couples who want some insights into their relationship, and to learn the strategies to truly becoming best friends;

  • Understand the natural cycle of a relationship, and the rewards and challenges in each phase.
  • Develop your communication skills, including identifying you and your partners individual communication, activity & motivation styles.
  • Learn the specific words & actions that generate feelings of love, respect and desire for both you and your partner.

Building on the foundations of A New Beginning, this program will take your relationship to the next level.
Actively grow and create a relationship that fulfils you both as individuals, and as a couple in all areas of your life;

  • Create & define outcomes for your future that support your relationship and will bring great reward to your lives.
  • Learn to leverage systems so that your domestic life becomes supportive instead of a drain and source of tension.
  • Make profound and lasting changes in the way you understand and interact with each other.

Learn to recognise and respond to each others needs & desires with this program.
Improve your skills in connecting with each other physically from affection to intimacy;

  • Discover the Arts of Romance, Seduction, and Intimacy.
  • Learn how to keep passion and desire alive in your relationship, and reignite the spark for each other.
  • Introduce new dimensions to your lovemaking and how you connect physically, mentally, and emotionally for a deeply fulfilling sex life..