The most important thing in your Ideal Relationship, first and foremost, is that you are Best Friends. A couple who are best friends will make sure that they do whatever it takes to make each other happy. Best friends share everything, they have a deep trust & respect for each other. And most importantly – best friends have fun! They laugh, play, and are creative together. They enjoy each others company, they learn new things.

Read on for more ideas, insights, and information on how to be BEST FRIENDS!

Many people believe that romance is linked solely to chemistry. In fact, romance is the cornerstone to becoming best friends. The connection & intimacy that is generated through thoughtful acts of romance provides an endless supply of delight in each other. Check out this page for ideas to bring the romance back to your relationship.

Date Night is a crucial key to the success of your relationship. It is often seen as simply a precursor to seduction, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The purpose of date night is to have fun together! Please stop going to restaurants on dates, lets step it up a level & check out some of these ideas to rekindle the fun & laughter in your relationship.

 Understanding how to speak your partners love language may be the single greatest agent of change in your relationship. So often I see couples who spend all their time and energy showing their partner how much they love them, only to discover that their actions or words are not appreciated. 

When you learn to speak your partners language of love, suddenly it is easy to express & receive love which means you both feel motivated & connected.