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Are you jaded of the dating scene?


Wondering if you will ever meet the one?


Sick of meeting beige or crazy?


Heads up:

I am a grown up. This means I understand that life can get messy.
It also means that I am cool with:

  • creative swearing
  • crying
  • laughing
  • getting down & dirty
  • silence – both awkward & comfortable
  • heavy shit
  • irreverent humour
  • grief & sadness
  • erotic sex
  • passionate love
  • living authentically
  • embracing vulnerability
  • not having all the answers
  • being scared
  • audacious dreams

If you are not cool with some or all of these, that’s okay! I still like you.

Do you wish you were? Great!
Do you hate the idea? Maybe you should give the rest of this site a miss.
Still with me? Read on!