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Love & relationships are areas in which you can succeed once you understand the patterns of behaviour that have led you to your current circumstances. When you understand WHY, you can begin to look at WHAT and HOW to take action and move forward into a future filled with connection, passion, and intimacy.

do you worry sometimes that you might never escape relationship gridlock?

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For many couples, the health of their relationship dictates their happiness and success in their careers, their businesses, and their life overall. The stakes are high and the outcomes can be extraordinary… or devastating.

If you are feeling like you love each other, but you are not sure if you are “in love” anymore, then don’t despair. Many of my clients feel this way and it is a common experience in the natural cycle of a relationship.


Keep Dating the Wrong People •  Looking for Love •  Lack of Communication • Separation • Nagging •  Misunderstandings •  Lack of Intimacy •  Want Passionate Sex-life •  How to Reset After a Fight • Infidelity •  Problems with Exes •  Problems with In-laws •  Parenting Challenges •  Can't Win •  Walking on Eggshells •  Blended Family Issues •  Lack of Responsibility •  Domestic Chores • Strategies for Conflict Resolution •  Prolonged Stress ( illness, IVF,  mental health, work related, financial)  •  Financial Disagreements •  Recovering from Trauma (Death, Miscarriage, Abortion, Redundancy, Loss of Job) •  Feeling Stuck •  Unmet Emotional Needs •  Unmet Physical Needs •  Unmet Mental Needs •  Unmet Spiritual Needs •  Groundhog Day • Loss of Libido •  Mismatched Libido •  Feeling Unloved •  Feeling Unappreciated •  Strategies for the Future •  Creating Legacy •  Challenges with Working Together •  Owning a Business •  Feel Taken for Granted •  Division of Property / Parental Care •  Newly Weds •  

 Steve Haran &

Chris Mostyn *



Tara was able to provide us with some really usefully and tangible tools and info to work with. The outcomes for us were that we were able to really highlight the things that are important to us and put into perspective the trivial things.

Another point that was extremely useful was the different ways that we receive information and the way that we feel appreciated and loved which can be very different for each of us. I would recommend her services for couples at various times in there relationship especially for those that may have lost their way."

has it been a while since you felt appreciated?

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Intimate relationships can be improved through the same principles we apply to the other facets of our lives, such as health, finance, and education. They require a combination of strategy, commitment & love. What I find, time and time again, is that couples are relying on love, and don’t yet have the structures in place to create the relationship they truly desire.

Each program focuses on three key elements of your relationship – your values & beliefs, your words & actions, and the way you give & receive feedback from your partner. Your desired outcomes are set at the beginning of each module, and it is my commitment to you that through education, coaching, and implementation, you will have all of the strategies you need to actualise your goals and continue to grow.

who is it for?

If you are in a good place together, these programs will provide you with the clarity, insights and strategies to deepen connection and take your relationship to the next level. If your relationship is distressed, you will gain a greater understanding of your relationship and a road map for repair.






It is really important to me that you get great results and that we are both clear on the outcomes you desire – get in touch for a free consultation to get a sense of how the program will work for you. That usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes depending on how many questions you have. You can call me on 0423 953 366 or book a time below

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 Julie N *



I was stuck in which way to go with my relationship and what would be the best thing for me to do going forward. 

Tara enabled me to see how I could build my own confidence up and the things I could change to make me a better partner. I feel I have more choices then the two I initially thought I had in regards to my relationship. I also found a way to move forward and know there is more than one answer!

 Relationships need work with Tara by your side you have someone you can rely on provide a guiding light.

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